St. Louis Sinking Porch Repair

Sinking Porch Repair

Is your porch looking uneven or sinking? This happens more often than you think. Fortunately, this problem can be quickly remedied with concrete stabilizing techniques.

Before attempting to lift the porch yourself, ask a specialist in your local area to examine it first. From there, a suitable solution will be applied to get your porch back where it should be.

The number one factor that sinks porches is soil. If the soil beneath your porch is saturated with water, dry or airy, it can cause concrete slabs to settle. Shifting porches are common in areas with high rainfall and snow.

They are also likely if the porch was built on backfill or at homes with poor drainage systems.
Popular methods for raising sinking porches include piering and mud jacking. While piering involves placing a supportive structure underneath to make the porch more stable, mud jacking entails pumping slurry to raise it.

These methods, however, are slowly being replaced by newer technologies. Specialists are exploring techniques that use foam, polyurethane, piles and other equipment as more permanent solutions.
There are many tried and new ways to fix a sunken porch. Collaborating with a professional can help find the solution customized to your needs.